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Our Tools and Technology

Inclusion Culture Audit

Our Inclusion Culture Audit formally assesses where an organisation stands in terms of its EDI strategy while providing a true description of its workplace culture. It enables organisations to recognise, track, and monitor progress in establishing an inclusive workplace on a global scale.

Inclusive Recruitment

In Diverse Company has developed Hiring for Diversity of Thought, an initiative set up to help organisations transform the way they attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent.


We tailor your ED&I journey to meet your business’ needs and our unique team of data, technology, psychology and behavioural change experts support you along the way.

Teacher and students in a classroom

Our Education Offer

We are your compass to chart a course towards authentic ED&I in education. Our holistic approach safeguards the interests of all stakeholders – students, teachers, parents, and the wider community, paving the way for unique, measurable, and sustainable change.

Our story

We are Equality, Diversity and Inclusion experts that help our clients create, measure and enhance workplace inclusion through a combination of technology, data science and human lens.

We look at Inclusion, Leadership, Learning, Engagement and Wellbeing differently.

With many more organisations undertaking digital transformation and working through unprecedented times, leaders are facing new challenges when it comes to employee engagement and learning. In Diverse Company’s globally-based academics, psychologists, majority-female coding team, analysts and data scientists provide businesses with access to tailored recommendations that move culture, behaviours and habits through team learning to help create a more inclusive environment.

We have been working with global organisations across multiple industries and the public and private sectors since 2019. We are proud of how far our clients have come during this time. We use our learning from our wide client base to continue to develop and enhance our products and better understand challenges faced by organisations today – to in turn better support you on your ED&I agenda.

How are we different?

In Diverse Company was created to change the way that organisations view equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Our solutions and tools use a data-driven approach to help you understand your organisation’s practices and culture and enable you to tailor your ED&I journey to meet your business needs. All of this is done in a way that any change created is sustainable.

We achieve this by focusing on habit-building. As humans, we are able to change through committing to habits that nudge us towards our desired behaviours. After a while, habits become unconscious behaviours that drive change at an organisational level. We all know that habits are hard to sustain, but it’s easier when it’s achieved collectively, which is why our programmes and learning take a teams-first approach.

Why work with us?

Companies that create an inclusive environment and a diverse talent base are proven to achieve a higher level of commercial success than those that do not. We partner with businesses who, like us, believe that diversity isn’t just good for people, it’s good for business.

We work with your data to assess, analyse, and make specific recommendations that will move the internal culture and behaviours of your employees and therefore the growth of your organisation.

We have pioneered approaches to identify, measure and address ED&I challenges through our unique tools and technology. We work globally with clients in the private, public, and voluntary sectors to raise the bar of equality, diversity and inclusion and create sustainable change.

New approach to learning

In Diverse Company was founded from a passion to deliver a different, better approach to learning and engagement. With over 20 years of experience in global HR senior leadership, our CEO identified five core barriers for organisations in creating inclusive environments:


Programmes are not working and lead to cultures where people feel excluded and disconnected


As humans, learning only works when it is connected to and becomes part of our everyday life. As organisations, we need to see visible ROI from L&D programmes and a connection to business performance.


Traditional engagement surveys don’t work, they take too long and aren’t often acted upon.


Employee mental health and wellbeing has never been so important within the workplace. In order to create an environment that prioritises wellbeing, an inclusive culture is crucial.


Inclusion is often seen as complex and immeasurable. This issue needs education as well as real-time and insight driven measurement.

Who we’re working with

What we’re talking about


Johanna launched In Diverse Company in 2019 out of a strong belief that there was a better way to create and measure inclusive cultures.

Our masterclasses

To further support our goal of creating inclusive behaviours within organisations and also within wider society, we are proud to offer free, interactive, online Masterclasses.

Our team

We are a company driven by a senior team that are experts in people, data, psychology and research with one of the only female CEOs of a HR tech platform across the world.

Content hub

To help leaders stay informed and inspired, we offer interviews and advice from real people, help and how-to guidance, curated news, and data-driven research and insights across industries from all across the globe.

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