Johanna Beresford

Chief Executive Officer

Johanna is an experienced and passionate HR executive, with an innate sense of commerciality. Whilst studying for her MBA, Johanna sensed opportunity in bringing the worlds of data science and Human Relations together. This inspired Johanna to take the role of CEO at In Diverse Company. She believes that leadership development should focus on helping leaders create inclusive cultures, and that difference improves decision making and leads to improvements in company performance.

Johanna has worked and lived in China and spent considerable time working in the USA, South America, Africa and Middle East and understands different cultural work practices and leadership styles. She has a track record of working with senior executives from a range of industries and has successfully helped organisations get the most from diversity of perspectives.

She is a passionate and empathetic leader, who is committed to supporting flexible working for all. She is an advocate of supporting women and men back into the workplace after periods of absence – whether due to becoming a parent, physical or mental illness or a choice to take a career break.

Johanna holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Nottingham and an MBA from Oxford University.