Jason Beresford

Chief Technology Officer

A proven senior executive with an international track record in the management and delivery of large, complex, business and IT driven change programmes across the Public and Private Sectors. Jason’s ability to deliver innovative and successful solutions is based on his knowledge and expertise of the complex inter-relationships between Business and Technology issues combined with a passion for problem solving and his entrepreneurial instinct.​

Prior to working with IDC Jason founded ShiftPoint with offices in UK, US, Singapore and Qatar. Within four years the company turnover exceeded £30m and the operation had >300 employees.​

Jason says, ‘When people ask about IDC I tell them…inclusion is just the right thing to do, it is so obvious yet until now has not been focused on enough. The vision of IDC is unique and the toolsets, methods and contents the team are producing will make a huge impact on individuals, teams and organisations. The client delivery models are scalable and with an annuity based business model I think our future is limitless.’