Jai Thade

Head of Content

With a background in Applied Psychology, Jai has contributed to the creation & delivery of multiple workshops, webinars, and interventions for various leading multinationals. Much of his experience is in the creation & facilitation of Personal Effectiveness Training, as well as in one-on-one mental wellness counselling/coaching for people of all ages from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

As Head of Content at IDC, his most recent experience has been in creating multimodal skills and behaviour programs for our platform IncludeTM LXP on topics ranging from cross-cultural management, to the psychology of inclusion, to how we can reverse socio-political polarisation. These programs leverage principles and integrate know-how from fields as diverse as cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, organisational research, and management theory in an engaging and accessible format.

His key experience is in applying psychological principles to better understand individuals from diverse backgrounds and driving behaviour change on both an individual and macro level, through an understanding of cognitive, emotional, and social factors.