Ben Beresford

Graduate Consultant

Ben recently graduated from the prestigious University of Manchester, gaining a BSc in Management, Human Resources. He hopes to build on this in the future too, as his hunger for learning has not yet faded since graduating. Although somewhat new to the professional working world, with his unwavering passion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Ben brings a fresh perspective and progressive stance to our business approach.

Before joining IDC, Ben worked in numerous roles across various sectors; this led to him engaging with many cultures and lifestyles, allowing him insight into how EDI can work within industries and job roles. As a result of these encounters, it was often thought by Ben that many industries still lack any basic EDI.

Ben says, “Let’s change the way in which businesses think. For too long, employees have been seen as a product of output; this is dehumanising and an outdated approach. By promoting equality and investment into human capital, we can reshape the workplace, providing a place where all employees feel both wanted and appreciated by their employer.”