Human Connection Series: A social experiment

Human Connection Series:
A Social Experiment

Seeing Difference Differently

Before the global pandemic, the world was a completely different place. Fast-paced, always on, travelling wherever we wanted, buying whatever we wanted (not needed) at the touch of a button. And expecting it straight away.

Will it ever be the same again? So much has changed around us, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that we are still human beings, with the same innate, basic needs. We’re in fact potentially more aware of them now.

Before the lockdown, IDC carried out a social experiment, which involved bringing strangers together from different communities, backgrounds and stages in their lives. Meeting for the first time as the cameras started rolling, we conducted in pairs a series of raw interviews about what it is to be human in today’s world. We wanted to understand whether despite our difference, and an often fragmented society being even more pronounced, are we still, as human beings, united through our human connection?

The results were surprising, but ultimately moving and incredibly powerful. What do you think? Our first teaser film focuses on one single question – when did you last feel different?

We hope that as we do start to slowly return to ‘normal’ we don’t forget some of the lessons we have learned through the global crisis and, as our series of short films launching over the coming months show, we don’t forget the importance and simplicity of recognising and celebrating similarities and difference in each other – we are all incredible and ordinary human beings.

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    What we’re talking about

    Johanna launched In Diverse Company in 2019 out of a strong belief that there was a better way to create and measure inclusive cultures.

    We live by our values, and our approach to our own recruitment policy, team and purpose reflects this. We are a tech company driven by a senior team that are experts in people, with one of the only female CEOs of a HR tech platform across the world.

    Our Learning Platform, Include™ is the only LXP that combines Learning and Engagement. Include aims to create more inclusive working cultures and is underpinned by social and behavioural psychology principles.