Employee Disclosure Rate – Research project

Employee Disclosure Rate

Research Study

Join us in exploring the dynamics of disclosure rates and the profound impact this has on fostering a more equitable work environment.

In the dynamic realm of corporate culture, the willingness of employees to disclose personal information is often overlooked. Yet, it holds immense power to shape the very fabric of workplace inclusivity.

Employee disclosure refers to sharing personal information with colleagues, managers or employers. This can include aspects of one’s identity, such as gender, sexual orientation, disability, or family status. While disclosure can foster deeper connections and a sense of belonging, many employees hesitate to share their personal information, fearing potential repercussions or overlooking the benefits of openness.

Our research initiative

Recognising the importance of disclosure rates in fostering workplace inclusivity, we are conducting a research study to:

We invite you to take a brief online survey on your experiences with disclosure in the workplace and your views on organisational commitment to inclusivity and improving workplace practices. Your participation will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

High disclosure rates contribute to a more inclusive workplace by:

Enhancing understanding and empathy:
Sharing personal experiences can break down barriers and foster deeper understanding between colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Promoting trust and psychological safety:
When employees feel comfortable sharing their authentic selves, they are more likely to trust their colleagues and feel psychologically safe in the workplace.

Enriching workplace culture:
Open communication and a shared understanding of diverse experiences can lead to a more vibrant and inclusive workplace culture.


If you’d like to receive the research report after the completion of the study, please drop your contact information here and we will be in touch.

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    What we’re talking about

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