Building a truly inclusive workplace: beyond boardroom diversity

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In Diverse Company is committed to fostering inclusive workplaces where everyone feels valued and empowered. We recognise the importance of diversity at all levels, not just in leadership positions.

In 2021, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) report highlighted a crucial point: “In Diverse Company’s work with private and public sector firms has revealed that, despite an increased ethnic diversity at the board level, other employees in the organisation still face marginalisation.”

This underscores the fact that achieving true inclusion requires more than just diversifying the boardroom. It necessitates a fundamental shift in workplace culture.

“The Commission has seen evidence of the CIMM’s novel approach yielding positive results, for example, within a leading pharmaceutical company and also a recruitment company that In Diverse Company have partnered with.”

In Diverse Company’s Cultural Inclusion Maturity Model (CIMM) is a powerful tool designed to help organisations achieve cultural transformation. Backed by evidence of positive results in leading companies across various sectors, CIMM goes beyond representation to address the underlying behavioural changes needed for a truly inclusive environment.

Here is what our CIMM offers:

1. Evidence-based Approach: CIMM utilsies behavioural science and research to assess inclusion through employee and leader behaviour, as well as organisational practices.

2. Measurable progress: By regularly implementing CIMM, companies can track their progress towards a more inclusive culture.

3. Tailored Recommendations: CIMM provide actionable insights and recommendations specific to organisation’s needs.

By addressing the root causes of marginalisation, we empower organisations to create a workplace where all employees feel they belong and can reach their full potential. We are confident that by working together, we can create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and has the opportunity to succeed.

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We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we value the opportunity to learn and improve from this report. The relevant segment “Bias at work and what to do about it” – page 121-127 of the CRED report is available here.


Access the full report:

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