Culture Audit

Inclusion Culture Audit

A true audit of your organisation's culture and recommendations of where you need to be

In Diverse Company's Inclusion Culture Audit formally assesses where an organisation stands in terms of its ED&I strategy while providing a true description of its workplace culture. It was developed with a mission to create a dynamic system of culture measurement that enables organisations to recognise, track, and monitor progress in establishing an inclusive workplace on a global scale.

Where many diversity programmes have failed traditionally is in not having a clear understanding of the culture and ED&I landscape across the organisation from the outset.

Without insight into the business challenges and opportunities, it is unclear what the ED&I focus should be and therefore the activity that will have the greatest impact.

Measuring an organisation’s culture can be highly challenging, particularly as it is largely defined by the behaviours of individuals within the organisation.

In Diverse Company has two unique patented methodologies for measuring Diversity and Inclusion that provide a data-driven approach and the ability not just to measure representation data but also culture.

It features a unique methodology that measures inclusion by assessing the behaviours of leaders, teams, and employees, and auditing the organisational system. From this, we can make tailored recommendations at a leader, team, individual, and organisational system level that will have a measurable impact on culture and performance.

We use the ED&I ROI and Inclusion Maturity Model to complete a rigorous audit of your culture, organisational policies, processes and diversity data.

ED&I ROI™ draws the link between ED&I and business performance. The tool looks at certain key aspects of the business from internal demographic data, employee life cycle data, employer and consumer branding, customer demographics, public perception and together it connects diversity data with business success.

Inclusion Maturity Model™ defines a system for measuring the cultural maturity of an organisation, focusing on the measurement of two key areas: (1) organisation system – policies, processes, governance, decision making, communication and (2) behaviours – of all employees, teams, managers and leaders. There are three key components to the technique: (1) measure behaviours within the organisation via a psychometric assessment of teams, leaders and individuals, (2) measure organisation’s capability via an audit of policies, processes, and procedures and (3) use results of 1 and 2 to form an Inclusion Maturity Level.

How does it work?

We work through collecting data, analysing and reporting back. We start with data collection and culture measurement, followed by quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Once the analysis is completed, we provide you with results and a detailed report of analysis and recommendations. We also give you the option to continue ongoing monitoring.

Benefits to your organisation


Senior executives are provided with audit reports covering teams, leadership, policies, processes, and in-depth insights across all areas of the organisation. The reports include a clear roadmap of recommendations to improve culture across the business.


Many organisations publish data on diversity and pay gaps, but this accredited measure of culture tells employees, investors, and future recruits more about the strength of the policies and processes, behaviours of teams and leaders, that drive cultural inclusion in your organisation.

Engages workforce

By getting all employees engaged in the process of measuring culture through completing the team’s inclusion measure, employees are more likely to trust the outcome of the accreditation – every voice is heard.

Data and insights

You can view how culture varies not only at an organisational level but also at an individual team level across the business. This provides insights on the teams that have stronger and weaker levels of inclusion, and how behaviours and attitudes differ.

More informed decisions

This is a crucial benefit when an organisation is looking at developing investor relations. This process is designed to improve your organisation’s ED&I which means gaining breadth in perspective and alternative views during decision-making processes.

Attract and retain talent

Identify areas of your business where a lack of ED&I understanding is causing high turnover rates or issues with talent attraction. We will work with you to implement policies for attracting diverse talent and improving employee engagement.

If you’d like to know more about how our ED&I and Culture audit can benefit your organisation, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

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    What we’re talking about

    Johanna launched In Diverse Company in 2019 out of a strong belief that there was a better way to create and measure inclusive cultures.

    We live by our values, and our approach to our own recruitment policy, team and purpose reflects this. We are a tech company driven by a senior team that are experts in people, with one of the only female CEOs of a HR tech platform across the world.

    Our Learning Platform, Include™ is the only LXP that combines Learning and Engagement. Include aims to create more inclusive working cultures and is underpinned by social and behavioural psychology principles.