Dr. Will Nollett

Director of Data and Operations

A PhD mathematician who specializes in probability, statistics, and data analysis. Since completing his research at University of Warwick, Will has focused on mathematical modelling for the commercial world. Will’s ability to extract information and actionable insight from data is based upon his extensive mathematical knowledge and experience in technical research and business analytics.​

​Before joining IDC, Will worked on numerous projects analyzing business data in the manufacturing and finance sectors, including customer analysis, product planning, and sales forecasting. Will has managed projects that use organization data to improve business systems and processes.​

​Will says “Let’s start making the most of D&I data. At IDC, we encourage organizations to move away from traditional quota-based strategies and start using their data to understand employee wellbeing, attitudes, and behavior. By encouraging individuals and teams to adopt inclusive habits and behaviors on a daily basis, we can drive real culture change in the long term.”