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Hierarchical Culture in Indian Organisations

by Jai Thade, Head of Content

As we have seen in previous articles, culture is a force that can influence virtually every aspect of work. Understanding the differential impacts that different cultures have equips us to navigate different business contexts

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Resilience in the face of a Pandemic

By Jai Thade, L&D Facilitator

Mental Health Awareness month has arrived at a time when virtually everybody is acutely facing some stress or the other. We find ourselves without the customary trappings of the outside world to bury ourselves into.

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Celebration and Belonging

By Jai Thade, Content Designer

Holi has two stages of celebration:  

  • The Holika Dahan – a ritual bonfire around which people gather, perform rituals and pray.  
  • The Rangwali Holi – a free-for-all where people smear each other with coloured powder, drench each
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Defining Inclusion over Diversity

By Clare Wimalasundera, PR Director

There are so many definitions out there, and the definition of diversity is constantly evolving. Perhaps most simply, Google describes Diversity as “recognising each individual is unique and recognising our individual differences”.

When it comes …

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