The significance of pride and belonging at work



This June, In Diverse Company (IDC), is proud to host an online workshop centred around LGBTQIA+ inclusion in celebration of Stonewall.

Every year in June, the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates various events as a way of recognising the influence and impact LGBTQIA+ people have had around the world. Why was June chosen? Because it is when the Stonewall Riots took place, led by Marsha P Johnson, back in 1969.

This Pride month, IDC will be discussing the nuances of queer identities and their visibility and interaction within the workplace, the significance of Stonewall today, gender fluidity, and the consequences of rainbow washing.

Join us to embark on a powerful discussion, led by IDC’s Consultant, Ora Rammala, on how we can take accountability and do more to make our workplace more inclusive.


Themes/ Learning Objectives:

The webinar will be centred around a few key themes and questions, these include:

  1. Understanding Stonewall and its significance in society and the workplace today
  2. Recognising the importance of belonging, identity and inclusion in the workplace
  3. Learning how to practise allyship and support queer inclusion


Jun 16 2022


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm



In Diverse Company


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