Inclusive Leadership: in conversation with Cath Blayney

Inclusive Leadership in Education

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Join us for an open event on the topic of Inclusive Leadership in Education

The session starts at 11:30 am BST (GMT+1)


Leaders at every level within an organisation can significantly influence the employee experience and shape the organisation’s culture. Therefore, fostering inclusive behaviours and a culture of engaged leadership can provide a substantial competitive advantage for schools.


Key Themes We’ll Talk About:

  • Exploring Inclusive Leadership Traits: Delve into the essential characteristics of inclusive leaders, understanding how they identify their own blind spots and promote transformative changes in habits, systems, and processes within educational settings.
  • Enhancing Self-Awareness and Systemic Understanding: Gain valuable insights into how school leaders can recognise personal and systemic barriers to genuine inclusion and take proactive steps to instigate meaningful changes.
  • Fostering Psychological Safety and Team Cohesion: Explore effective strategies for cultivating an environment where school staff feels heard and valued, thereby enhancing overall team dynamics, effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Seize the opportunity to glean insights from experts in the field through an engaging question and answer session.


Whether you’re currently in a leadership role, aspiring to be a leader, or simply passionate about creating an environment where everyone can thrive, this event is for you!


Don’t forget to invite colleagues and friends who might benefit from this valuable discussion.


May 20 2024


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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  • Cath Blayney
    Cath Blayney
    Executive coach

    Cath is a former headteacher and is now an executive coach – she is a qualified Thinking Partner using Nancy Kline’s Time to Think approach and she uses this in both 1:1 and group coaching. Cath coaches leaders across a range of sectors, taking a values-led approach to improve self-awareness, self-confidence and to support the development of an inclusive culture in the workplace.

    Cath’s approach to coaching is systemic eclectic – every client, conversation and journey is unique, and this notion is at the heart of her coaching practice. Her goal as an executive coach is to create a highly enabling partnership, by applying the principles of a Thinking Environment to her practice. This supports the creation of a psychologically safe space, that allows clients to think clearly, identify solutions and challenge limiting assumptions. Cath Blaney is the founder of Inclusive Leadership Coaching.

  • Stella Odusola
    Stella Odusola
    Senior Consultant

    Stella is a seasoned Education Professional and Diversity Lead, with over 15 years of rich experience in diverse educational settings, including state, further/higher education, and international schools.

    As a qualified teacher, her career has been marked by key roles such as Head of Department and an influential Diversity Lead, underscoring her commitment to educational excellence and the cultivation of inclusive environments.

    In her current role as a Senior Consultant at IDC, Stella leads business development. This involves cultivating and maintaining pivotal client relationships, overseeing projects from inception to delivery, and contributing to public sector bid writing. She is also spearheading the Education ED&I division, entailing business development, creating learning content, designing educational materials, and client delivery.

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